ME 430P7W

ME 430P7W

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MENNEKES pin and sleeve plugs provide clean and secure connections for a wide variety of equipment. These 60309-compliant in-line plugs offer several features to stand up to rigorous industrial environments, including non-metallic housings with locking rings and gaskets for UL Type 4X watertight protection, nickel-plated pins to protect against corrosion and heat-resistant materials to enhance safety. An external strain relief system offers captive stainless hardware, and female-threaded NPT housings let users directly install flex conduit or wire mesh strain-relief fittings without an adapter.

Catalog #
ME 430P7W
Type of Device Watertight Plug
Product Series 60309 Pin and Sleeve
Amperage 30A
Voltage 3 Phase 480VAC
# of Poles 3
# of Wires 4
Color Red
Standard HP Rating 7.5
Female Grounding Contact Position 7h
Protective Cap ME 3430CAP
Replacement Ring ME 3430RR
Pin Material Nickel Plated Brass
NEMA Rating 4X
IP Rating 67

cUL to CSA 22.2 No. 182.2
60309-1; IEC 60309-2

Continuous Operating Temperatures -25°C to +30°C
Current Interrupting Certified at full-rated current and voltage
Maximum Working Voltage 600 RMS
Dielectric Voltage 3000VAC maximum
UV Endurance UV Stabilized Material
UL Endurance Testing-Electrical (at .75-.8 Power Factor) 2000 mated cycles at full-rated current/voltage
Crush Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and 250 lbs. of force applied for 1 minute
Impact Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and dropped 8 times from 30''