ME 4100P9W

ME 4100P9W

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MENNEKES pin and sleeve plugs provide clean and secure connections for a wide variety of equipment. These 60309-compliant in-line plugs offer several features to stand up to rigorous industrial environments, including non-metallic housings with locking rings and gaskets for UL Type 4X watertight protection, nickel-plated pins to protect against corrosion and heat-resistant materials to enhance safety. An external strain relief system offers captive stainless hardware, and female-threaded NPT housings let users directly install flex conduit or wire mesh strain-relief fittings without an adapter.

Catalog #
ME 4100P9W
Type of Device Watertight Plug
Product Series 60309 Pin and Sleeve
Amperage 100A
Voltage 3 Phase 250VAC
# of Poles 3
# of Wires 4
Color Blue
Female Grounding Contact Position 9h
Protective Cap ME 100CAP
Pin Material Nickel Plated Brass
NEMA Rating 4X
IP Rating 67

cUL to CSA 22.2 No. 182.2
60309-1; IEC 60309-2

Continuous Operating Temperatures -25°C to +30°C
Current Interrupting Certified at full-rated current and voltage
Maximum Working Voltage 600 RMS
Dielectric Voltage 3000VAC maximum
UV Endurance UV Stabilized Material
UL Endurance Testing-Electrical (at .75-.8 Power Factor) 500 mated cycles at full-rated current/voltage
Crush Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and 250 lbs. of force applied for 1 minute
Impact Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and dropped 8 times from 30''